| images by john ecker, pantheon photography

Cliff House from Pacific Beach

CLIFF HOUSE FROM PACIFIC BEACH:  Pacific Beach is a great spot for a walk along the beach.  When the waves come crashing in, the sound is deafening.  This shot look up to the Cliff House.  Click here to see my photo of Pacific Beach from the Cliff House. This is one of my favourite parts of San Francisco.  It’s near the Land’s Trail and a short distance to Golden Gate Park.  And, while some dismiss the Cliff House as touristy or expensive, I disagree.  The food is really quite good.  They do an amazing green and white asparagus soup!   See the rocks to the left in the photo?  They are call the Seal Rocks.  The white stuff? Bird guano. 

Shot handheld with a Nikon D300, Nikkor AF-S 16-85mm at 18mm,  f22, 1/320 sec., ISO 1250, Photo by John Ecker     |     Pantheon Photography


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