| images by john ecker, pantheon photography

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, photo by John Ecker, Pantheon Photography

GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, SAN FRANCISCO:  When most people think of the Golden Gate Bridge, the image that most likely comes to mind is the view from a distance, taking in the full span of this beautiful structure.  What is not much appreciated is that while the bridge handles thousands of vehicles each day, it is also a pedestrian, hiker and cyclist Mecca.  It’s easy to get up close to the bridge and photograph it from interesting angles.  The bridge first opened to pedestrians on May 27th, 1937.  Vehicular traffic followed the next day.  There are numerous cycling and walking paths all around the bridge.  One side of the bridge is reserved for walkers and runners.  The other side is strictly for cyclists.  Maintaining the bridge is a constant project.   38 painters work on the bridge, as do 17 iron workers who replace rusting rivets.  More interesting facts on the Golden Gate Bridge website.

Shot handheld with Nikon D300, with a Nikkor AF-S 16-85 lens at 16mm, f20, 1/200 sec., ISO 640.   Photo by John Ecker    |     Pantheon Photography


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