| images by john ecker, pantheon photography

WWII Re-enactors, Ste. Marie duMont, Normandy France, photo by John Ecker | pantheon photography

STE. MARIE DUMONT, WWII RE-ENACTORS:    WWII re-enactors descend on Normandy in France each June.  Community festivals are held.  Battles on beaches are re-enacted.   All kinds of military equipment is on display and on the roads.  It’s been said  that on these weekends, there are more jeeps in Normandy than during the D-Day landings.  Swap meets are terrific places to see the re-enactors in their full gear.  Most are French citizens, but many come over from England.  I have even seen re-enactors from former Soviet-bloc countries participating. The small village of Ste. Marie duMont in one of the many communities in the region where celebrations are held with re-enactors out in force.  Almost all take on the roles of American soldiers.

Shot handheld with a Nikon D40X with a Nikkor 70-300mm lens at 210mm, f6.3, 1/500 sec., ISO 800.   Photo by John Ecker     |     pantheon photography


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