| images by john ecker, pantheon photography

Sir Winston Churchill Statue, photo by John Ecker | pantheon photography

Churchill and Big Ben, lower res version Photo by John Ecker

SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL STATUE, LONDON, ENGLAND:  The beautiful bronze statue of one of Britain’s greatest statesmen stands in Parliament Square in a place chosen by the great man himself. Churchill was born (two months premature) on November 30, 1874  in Blenheim Palace.  So, he’s probably one of history’s greatest ‘preemies’ too!  Churchill died at the age of 90 on January 24, 1965 (70 years to day after his father’s death).  His funeral was the largest state funeral in history at the time.

The statue is the work of Ivor Roberts-Jones. In designing the mould for the giant bronze, he made some changes in response to feedback that the head resembled the much reviled Fascist Benito Mussolini.  Over the years the statue has been copied with replicas or variations erected in other countries, including the Czech Republic and Australia. Fun fact: the London statue is electrified to keep pigeons from pooping on the great man.

Shot handheld with a Nikon D40X, 18-200 DX zoom lens at 40mm, ISO 1600, 1/30 sec., f7.1. Copyright photo by John Ecker   |    pantheon photography




One response

  1. Michael Checkley

    Another outstanding photograph from you. I have seen this statue many times and always stopped to marvel at its ability to capture the Churchill
    of history..of my youth really. Your work is truly art and I would want to have a book of your work adorn my den or living area in my home.
    Very gifted.

    November 30, 2015 at 10:47 pm

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