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The Eastern Road, Nassau, Gazebo, photo by John Ecker | pantheon photography

The Eastern Road, Nassau, Gazebo 1,  photo by John Ecker pantheon photographyTHE EASTERN ROAD, NASSAU, GAZEBO:  This enhanced image was shot along the most picturesque section of public beach along the Eastern Road. The gazebo is quite derelect now but still makes for an evocative image.

Shot with a Nikon D3100, 10-24 DX  lens at 13mm, ISO 800, 1/200 sec., f25. Copyright photo by John Ecker   |    pantheon photography


Windmill Near Mont St. Michel, Beauvoir, France, photo by John Ecker | pantheon photography

WINDMILL NEAR MONT ST. MICHEL, BEAUVOIR, FRANCE:  It’s not easy finding a new perspective from which to photograph Mont St. Michel. It must be one the most photographed sites in all of France.  Driving across the countryside, looking for a new angle, I spotted this well-known (to others, not to me until then) windmill perched atop a ridge in a field.  Windmills have been in use in the area for hundreds of years.  Now, an ambitious wind generation plan is said to be compromising Mont St. Michel, a UNESCO heritage site.  The wind farms are part of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plans to generate electricity from alternate sources.  UNESCO, along with local authorities preservationists across France, are concerned that the proposed wind turbines will be a blight on the landscape and compromise the spectacular views of Mont St. Michel.  I could not agree more.   This windmill is located near Beauvoir in the Lower Normandy Region. Nearby are the towns of Saint-Georges-de-Gréhaigne and Tanis.

Shot handheld with a Nikon D300, Nikkor 16-85 lens at 85mm. f/16, 1/200 sec, ISO 800.  Photo by John Ecker, Pantheon Photography

Poppies Against a Blue Sky, Northern France, photo by John Ecker, Pantheon Photography

POPPIES AGAINST A BLUE SKY, NORTHERN FRANCE: Poppies are widely recognized as a flower of remembrance.  The poppy become a strong emblem remembrance due in large part to the famous poem, In Flanders Fields written by Canadian Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae who wrote the poem on May 3, 1915.  As a Canadian traveler in northern France, it is impossible not to notice the ubiquitous flower.   Most Commonwealth countries observe one or two minutes of silence each year on November 11th at 11:00 a.m. (eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour).

Photo illustration by John Ecker     |     Pantheon Photography

Pacific Beach, San Francisco

PACIFIC BEACH, SAN FRANCISCO:  Ocean Beach runs along the west coast of San Francisco, on the Pacific Ocean. It’s next to Golden Gate Park, on the Great Highway.  The photograph was shot next to the Cliff House and the site of the former Sutro Baths.  The currents here are very strong; rip currents and unusually cold water make it hazardous for swimmers and surfers alike.  In 1988 a record seven people died in the frigid and dangerous waters. Over the years, a roller coaster and  the Ocean Beach Pavilion (concerts, dancing) were popular attractions.  The Sutro Baths opened in 1890s and for years brought bathers to the enclosed facility near the beach.  It burned down in 1966.  The current Cliff House provides great panoramic views of the beach and ocean and is an upscale restaurant. See my shot of the Cliff House, shot from this spot on  Pacific Beach.  Shot handheld with a Nikon D300, Nikkor AF-S 70-300mm at 112mm,  f36, 1/320 sec., ISO 1250. 

Photo by John Ecker     |     Pantheon Photography