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Fallen, Chicago, U.S.A., photo by John Ecker | pantheon photography

FALLEN, CHICAGO, U.S.A.:  Chicago is among my most favourite American cities.  Architecturally, it is one of the most interesting and diverse anywhere.  The restaurant scene is fantastic.  Public spaces and parks abound.  And, like any major metropolitan city, there is also a significant homeless population.   Click here for more information about Chicago’s Homeless statistics.

Shot handheld with a Nikon D3100, Nikkor 18-200mm lens at 65mm, f5, 1/160 sec., ISO 500.  Photo by John Ecker     |     pantheon photography

Palm Frond, Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, photo by John Ecker | pantheon photography

CONSERVATORY OF FLOWERS, GOLDEN  GATE PARK, SAN FRANCISCO:   I like to find and photograph interesting patterns. This palm frond (I think it’s a palm frond) was in the conservatory when I visited there.  I thought the natural light made for a stunning shot.  The conservatory is one of the top features in Golden Gate Park.  It’s been classified as a national and state historic landmark.  Little wonder.  It was opened in 1879 and is made of wood and glass— the oldest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.  It’s a living museum, home to about 1700 species from more than 50 countries.  The Conservatory is definitely worth a visit when you are in San Francisco.

Shot handheld with a Nikon D300, Nikkor 16-85 AF-S lens at 65mm,  f 7.1, 1/80 second,  ISO 1250.     Photo by John Ecker, Pantheon Photography

The Red Seat, Fenway Park, Boston, photo by John Ecker, Pantheon Photography

THE RED SEAT, FENWAY PARK, BOSTON: Every baseball fan must make the pilgrimage to Boston’s Fenway Park. The place oozes history. Not to be missed is the tour of the park. If you are lucky, the visit includes an on-field walk to the ‘green monster’. The red seat in the right field bleachers (Sec. 42, Row 37, Seat 21) is the place where the longest home run in Fenway Park history was hit. It was hit by Ted Williams on June 9, 1946 off Detroit pitcher Fred Hutchinson. It measured 502 feet.

Photo by John Ecker     |     Pantheon Photography

Pagoda, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, photo by John Ecker, Pantheon Photography

PAGODA, GOLDEN GATE PARK, SAN FRANCISCO: In 1981, the Chinese government gave this pagoda on Stowe Lake in Golden Gate Park to the people of San Francisco.  The pagoda was shipped in over 6,000 pieces and  assembled on the site.  Shot handheld with a Nikon D300, 18-200 VR lens, focal length 85mm,  f/36, 1/60 sec, 1250 ISO.  Photo by John Ecker     |     pantheon photography