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Gateway Arch and Water Fountain, St. Louis, Mphoto by John Ecker, Pantheon Photographyissouri,

GATEWAY ARCH, AND WATER FOUNTAIN, ST. LOUIS MISSOURI:  Here’s another shot of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.  (See my Gateway Arch and Fire Hydrant shot here.)   Those tiny windows at the top are on the observation deck.  For a fee, visitors can take a tramway from either end of the base and travel to the top in egg-shaped compartments.  The Arch was opened to the public in 1967.  It was designed by architect Eero Saarinen and structural engineer Hannskarl Bandel.  I loved the symmetry between the shape of the arch and the arc of the water from the fountain.   Fun fact: The Arch is a structure known as a catenary curve, the shape a free-hanging chain takes when held at both ends, and considered the most structurally-sound arch shape.  Shot handheld with a Nikon D40X, Nikkor AF-S 18-200 lens at 63mm, f18, 1/160 sec. ISO 400.  Photo by John Ecker     |     pantheon photography

“Everywhere I look, I see Red” Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missphoto by John Ecker, Pantheon Photographyouri,

BUSCH STADIUM, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI:  St. Louis loves its National League team, the St. Louis Cardinals, a perennial contender for the post-season.  Cardinals fans wear their team pride on their sleeves.  And their hats, and their pants, and pretty well on everything they bring to the park. Even the seats are red.  I thought Boston fans had the greatest (?) team colour fanaticism, until I went to Busch Stadium. This day was not so bright for the Cardinals.  They lost 10-7 to the L.A. Angels, and Pujols was hitless. Tough home crowd!    Shot handheld, with a Nikon D40X, Nikkor AF-S 70-300 lens at 217mm, f24, 1/400 sec, 1600 ISO.  Photo by John Ecker     |     pantheon photography

Gateway Arch and Fire Hydrant, St. Louis, Missouri, photo by John Ecker, Pantheon Photography

GATEWAY ARCH, AND FIRE HYDRANT, ST. LOUIS MISSOURI:   I usually do lots of research about the places I plan to visit before I travel.  Before my whirlwind trip through the mid-west with my son to see some baseball (Cardinals, Royals, then the Reds)  I knew little about the Gateway Arch.  What an amazing and beautiful landmark. No wonder it’s a National Monument.  It is clad with 900 tons of stainless steel and presents an ever-changing image as the light reflects off its surface, depending on the time of day.  We were lucky to be there on a cloudless day with nothing but blue skies.  Standing 630 feet tall, it’s the tallest man-made monument in America.    It can be seen from pretty well anywhere in the city, affording endless opportunities for photographers.    Shot handheld with a Nikon D40X, Nikkor AF-S 18-200 lens at 27mm, f18, 1/250 sec. ISO 400. 

Photo by John Ecker    |    pantheon photography